Cocktail hour at your wedding is the beginning of your entertainment, so make it entertaining.

What can you provide for your guests that is going to keep them busy and entertained while you and your wedding party are getting their pictures taken. Here is a list of the top 5 cocktail hour ideas at your wedding.

  1. wedding cocktail hour Game show trivia Game Show trivia- Everyone loves trivia and what better way to entertain your guests with various styles of trivia from jeopardy to wheel of fortune, you can even customize the answers to be about you.
  2. Giant Jenga- this game is becoming more and more popular, but besides participating in it, its also fun to just watch.  you can offer variations to the game from kids against the adults or battle of the sexes.
  3.  Candy table with a twist- if your cocktail and reception are in the same room, place the various candy’s on each table and have the MC announce to make your way around each table and fill your candy bag.
  4. Who am I- want your guests to mingle more? provide each guests a card with a famous person, or character in history and each guest has to guess who’s name is on your card.
  5.  Hire a Magician- at a wedding you say? yes, what better way than to have a walk around magician creating fun entertainment for your guests as they mingle.

Wedding cocktail hour should be fun and high energy for your guests as they get excited for what is to happen the rest of the night.  Be creative, if you have a theme, be sure to implement it throughout the evening. Happy Planning.