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How to keep older guests from leaving your wedding early

When it comes to inviting older guests to your wedding, and you would like to avoid your older guests leaving early, you may want to consider the overall experience that they will have on your wedding day. Figure out in your planning what the outcome is you want to achieve at your reception. Is it going to be a small intimate affair where you would like your guests to sit and relax, or are you wanting a club-style dance party? Here are some simple steps to keeping your older guests hanging out a little longer throughout the night.

  1. Seems pretty obvious, but having your grandparents right next to the speakers can not only harm their hearing but when it comes down to dancing, it’s a sure fire way to get them to leave.

  2. Place them toward the back of the room, I know its sounds similar to step # 1, but when you have all your tables scattered around the reception hall, consider having a smaller speaker in order for the to hear the toasts and any announcements.

  3. Don’t have your DJ ignore their music. Most older couples enjoy some of the classics and also playing a few slower songs that they may have grown up listening too will also allow them to participate.

  4. Don’t cut the cake so early in the night, most couples feel that after the cake has been cut and their dessert is over, and its time to leave. ( I know this may vary between east coast and west coast events.)

  5. Let them know that something special is going to happen towards the end of the night, ie…an anniversary dance or a really fun exit that you would like them to be apart of.

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What if no one dances at my wedding?

Why didn’t anyone dance at my wedding?

The answer to why we dance – and even why some people are better dancers than others – can be found in evolution. A study published in the Public Library of Science’s genetics journal in 2006 suggested that long ago the ability to dance was actually connected to the ability to survive According to the study, dancing was a way for our prehistoric ancestors to bond and communicate, particularly during tough times. As a result, scientists believe that early humans who were coordinated and rhythmic could have had an evolutionary advantage. (

That’s the boring explanation.  You have spent thousands on your wedding day to celebrate with your friends and family, but why? Most of our clients when we ask what is important for them on the day of their wedding, answer ” That everyone has a fun time”  But what is fun for everyone?  what if you have invited guests that you couldn’t pay a million dollars to be seen on the dance floor, or the elderly guests that can’t get up from their seats, or the relatives who haven’t seen each other for several years and just want to sit, enjoy a good meal and go down memory lane.

wedding guests dancing

So the question, ” Do you really everyone to dance to have a good time?  I think the better question should be “How can I include all my guests so they enjoy my wedding”.  Anyone can play music, yes, finding the right DJ who knows the art of mixing and reading a room is going to be vital to please your guests who are ready to fist bump and party like rockstars. What about everyone else?, How do you get them to feel included, It’s not just the music that is going to help create the experience. It’s really the one person you have hired to help inform, direct and guide your guests throughout the night on a journey.  Your MC should help create the right atmosphere, plan and customize a seamless timeline, set the pace, and ensure everything you have spent so many months planning is smooth and stress-free.

So what if, no one dances at your wedding? What if all your guests say they had the most wonderful time and didn’t even step foot on the dance floor, this is very possible if you have an MC who will play more than just the music.  To discover more about the services we can provide for you to help ensure your guests are raving about the experience they just had, check our availability at to see if we are the right match for you.

Do I need the Bouquet and Garter Toss at my wedding?

So why do you want to do the Bouquet and Garter toss? 

Really, think about why do you want to.  Your dance floor is pumping, the wedding guests are having a great time, then the MC announces it’s time for the Bouquet and Garter toss….Woosh, just like that your dance floor is completely empty.  Sorry if I scared you, that could be one possible scenario if you don’t have it timed right, but there are alternatives to the infamous party stopper.  Over the years Silvertunes has accumulated several ideas to help facilitate the bouquet and Garter toss to ensure the energy of your wedding is not affected. here are a couple of ideas to discuss with your MC/DJ at your planning meeting if you either want to keep it or abort the tradition completely and keep the dancing going. 

bouquet toss

Photo by Cleyder Duque

1. Before you begin the dancing, invite all the single guys and girls to the dance floor for the tradition and have them stay on the dance floor after the toss, right into the music.

2. Anniversary Dance- invite all the married guests onto the dance floor -have the MC announce 5yr increments of marriage to make their way off the dance floor and surround the cake, leaving the longest-married couple on the dance floor.

3-Reverse Bouquet Toss and Garter Toss -invite the newest couple to the dance floor, then with 5 yr increments based on the earliest years of a marriage slowly start to build the dance floor with married couples then invite all the singles and couples with a significant other.

4-Battle of the sexes- invite your singles out to have either a dance-off or trivia competition to win the coveted title and the Bouquet and Garter. ( caution- not for the shy type and is sure to generate a lot of laughs)

Here is also a great little article we found on The Knot. you can also find more on wedding traditions.

Why It Might Be Time to Nix the Bouquet and Garter Toss

Don’t want to single out your single guests? We feel you. Some traditions are awesome, but others are still around just, kind of, because while everyone secretly hopes they’ll make a nice, orderly exit from our lives. Enter, the bouquet and garter toss, which held relevant superstitious symbolism back in the day, but often add a layer of awkwardness at modern weddings. (People once believed stealing a piece of the bride’s wedding clothing or accessories would bestow some of her good fortune upon them seriously, they would try to tear off pieces of her dress! And removing the garter represented the consummation of marriage.)


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Do I need to cut the wedding cake?

What if you don’t want a cutting cake?

Just to be clear: You do not have to have a cutting cake if that tradition isn’t important to you. You can feed each other bites from the dessert bar or share a cupcake for the cameras. Or you can skip the moment altogether and just keep dancing when they announce dessert has been served for those who would like a sweet treat.


These are some great questions and that should only be determined by the style of wedding you are planning. If you choose to have the traditional cake cutting ceremony in which you have all your guests surround you at that moment, it can be very meaningful for the parents, grandparents and your guests. the only downside is if you have a packed dance floor, you will lose your guests to taking their seats and waiting for the cake to be served.

A bride and a groom is cutting their wedding cake

A great alternative is the silent cake cutting, where only you and immediate family members gather around the couple and the cake as your guests continue to dance until the cake has been served at their table.

The knot also had a great article posted regarding the cake cutting ceremony.

So when is the right time to cut the cake without it stopping your wedding in its tracks. Here are some great moments to cut the cake if you still plan to keep the tradition.

Early in the reception- this could be right after you have your first dance and all your guests are still at their tables to look on.

After the Toast-if you plan to say a few words to your guests, have your speech next to the cake and then go right into the cake cutting ceremony.

Before the dancing starts- have your guests circle around the cake and as soon as you are finished, lead them all onto the dance floor, or even have the cake in the center of the dance floor and have guests come join you.

We offer some other fun and unique ideas to keep the party going while your guests can get the best of both worlds. be sure to check our availability at 

What does a Wedding DJ do?

What does a Wedding DJ do?

Wedding DJs sometimes get a bad rap known to “just play music” but it’s actually more complex than that. If you just want someone to get the dance floor packed without saying anything on your wedding day, you have to consider who is going to introduce your wedding party, help with the planning process if you are not hiring a wedding coordinator to notify the other wedding vendors of what is coming up next or let your guests know where to go for cocktail hour.

wedding Dj doWhen it comes to hiring your DJ If they also act as your Master of Ceremonies there will be preparation time involved with the planning of the timeline, prepping a song list, and ensuring everyone are where they need to be from the wedding party introductions to the wedding venue and the banquet captain serving the champagne at the right time.

Wedding entertainment is more than just the music on your special day, it’s creating a fun flow of energy for your wedding reception and engaging with your guests and the vendors to ensure your special event and musical taste is everything you had hoped for. looking for a fun playlist, check out this fun list.

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How many hours do I need a DJ?

How many hours should I hire a wedding DJ?

Every wedding is different, from guest count to the overall style and theme.

It really depends on the type of event and the energy looking to have. An average wedding in the Los Angeles area goes for 6 hours that includes the processional songs as guests arrive at the wedding ceremony, cocktail hour as you get your photos taken, and then the dinner and dancing.

wedding dj hoursIf you’re looking to have a more low-key style event with some light background music 4 hours should be plenty of time for you to accomplish all of the formalities that are needed. Sometimes brides will hire a live musician for the ceremony music in which case you could have a 5-hour wedding DJ. But consider that you may still need to hire the DJ to provide sound for your officiant and your vows.

Some other items to consider is the amount of set up time that is needed for the wedding DJs to get ready before the wedding reception is to begin. Also based on the energy level of your guests and how packed your dance floor is, will you want to go into overtime? Be sure to ask about an additional charge or add on services. Some wedding venues may not allow for extra time or you may also have to pay for the staff overtime. You may also want to hire the Dj for an after-party at a new location.

The best advice I can give you is to contact and have a conversation with the company you are considering hiring to make sure there are no hidden charges. Most companies should include the setup and arrive at your event at least an hour or two before guests arrive.

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Do I Need To Hire A Wedding DJ?

Do You Need A DJ For Your Wedding?

The short answer to that question is no. But the question you need to ask yourself is why would you want a DJ at your wedding in the first place. Are you inviting a lot of guests who love to dance? or is it going to be more of a mellow formal sit down dinner?

There are many advantages to having a professional DJ at your wedding, so before you make the investment, consider the following benefits.

hiring a wedding dj

Do you love music? with today’s technology and specific music subscriptions, exclusive for DJ’s only, DJs are able to get their hands on many genres as well as a variety of decades of cultural-style music that you may want to hear at your wedding.

Not only does a DJ have a vast majority of music but it’s also important to remember where the music is coming from, If you are having a large guest count you will need a professional sound system that doesn’t crackle or sound distorted when you have a song with a lot of bass, or when you hear the toasts, everyone can understand what is being said.

If you’re not hiring a wedding coordinator for your wedding you may want to also consider hiring a company that provides a Master of Ceremonies at the reception. Having a good MC keeps everything on track from the grand entrance to the toast and the special dances ie.. father-daughter or mother-son.

If you are also having a wedding ceremony you’ll want to have background music as your guests are arriving and a microphone for the officiant so everyone is able to hear your vows. These are just a few reasons why you might want to consider having a wedding DJ as opposed to plugging in and using Spotify.

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Covid-19 Wedding DJ’s New Guidelines

Covid-19 has changed the wedding industry in several ways.

It’s no secret that we have all been impacted due to the events of Covid-19 and live music entertainment, especially when it comes to performing at private events such as weddings and private parties.

Either you have been personally affected by the results of a postponed or canceled event or know someone who has.  Many vendors have had to make big adjustments to their new business model.

New contracts- Updating our old contracts to now include a Covid-19 clause that seems to be on the top of every vendor list. but how does that affect you?  be sure to look over in detail any new rules or updated guidelines in your contract pertaining to postponements or having to cancel.  For some great info regarding insurance and what to do if Covid-19 ruins your wedding. options and other great tips click the link.

On the day of your event- many vendors, especially DJs who are used to having guests come up to request music are making some drastic changes, some are even putting plexiglass in front of their system. (hopefully, it looks presentable) to making an announcement for guests to either text their requests or fill out a music request sheet, located 6 feet apart from the DJ.  You can always pre-select your songs to dance too before the date of your event.

When it comes to holding the mic for the toasts or the ceremony, We are also providing disposable Mic covers for each segment of the event as well as sanitizing the mic to even keeping it on the mic stand at all times so no one has to touch it.

Ensuring your guests are safe and having them enjoy the evening without thinking about a Covid-19 Wedding is what we hope to accomplish at your event. We don’t make announcements about Covid-19, After all, we are here to celebrate.

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Wedding Hart Park Newhall

It was at Hart Park in Newhall Where I had the honor of MCing Jason and Ceton’s Wedding reception.

Wedding chapel Hart ParkThe Ceremony

After Jason and Ceton had an intimate first look they were joined with family and friends in front of the chapel (which was being renovated, but nobody told them) that they exchanged vows and even had their dog Pascal as the ring bearer.


Jason & Officiant- Star wars throne room song

Wedding Party- Elephant love medley- Moulon rouge

Flower Girls- I see the light- Mandy Moore

Ceton- wait for it  by hamilton into harry potter theme

Sand Ceremony- Seasons of love- Rent

Exchange of vows- All I Ask of You- Phantom of the Opera

Exit Song- 24k Magic- Bruno Mars


At Hart Park We had a windy night outside on the patio, Each member of the wedding party had their own songs to come out too and then Ceton & Jason shared their first dance. We played wedding couple trivia to invite the guests to the Taco Cart.  and then the Party kicked off after the toasts.

Grand Entrance –  I’m A Believer -Smash Mouth
First Dance All of me- John Legend- (whole song)
Mother/Son Dance- Across the Universe- Beatles
Ceton & John (best friend) Megan by bayside
Dedicated song to guests- I want to grow old with you
Song to start the party-Uptown Funk-Bruno Mars
Cake Cutting -Marry you-Bruno Mars
Bouquet- Man I feel like a woman
Garter Toss Ball & Chain- Social Distortion
Last Song Don’t stop me now- Queen

Skeleton wedding cakeWhat a fun looking cake. To see if we are available for your upcoming wedding or to get a quote, add your wedding date to our availability checker. or contact us at 818-533-8863

Real Weddings Kellys Wedding Garden

The Ceremony.  ceremony music kellys wedding garden

Celine and Andrew said yes and made it official at Kelly’s wedding garden, the ceremony started at 5:30 pm.  They hired a Guitarist, Josh Gilbert to play the songs as the wedding party made their way down the aisle. Celine walked down to the traditional song of “here comes the Bride”

la gardenia floristsCocktail hour.

During the Cocktail hour as guests enjoyed drinks inside and a photobooth outside, a Mariachi Band was providing the musical entertainment.  There were some beautiful flowers placed on the tables provided by @lagardenia_  florists based out of Los Angeles.


Wedding music kellys wedding gardenDancing.

With a wide variety of music with fun top 40’s, R&B and a great mix of Latin style tunes from Cumbia, Salsa, Merengue and Bachata, Celine danced with her dad to My Wish by  Rascal Flats and Andrew danced with his mom to Song for Mama by boyz 2 men, we then open up the dance floor with the closer I get to you- Luther Vandross & Beyonce.


Intro Song- bring em out- T.I.

First Dance- Dream on with you-Terrance Howard

Cake Cutting- Love- Kendrick Lamar

Bouquet Toss- Single Ladies

Garter Toss- Whatta Man- Salt n Peppa


anahit's treats

For Dessert, the guests also got to enjoy some donuts and cake pops provided by @ana_treats.

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