Don’t ruin the wedding reception with a bad toast!

Everyone’s gathered at the wedding reception. Music’s playing, caterers are running around and guests are eating and chatting away, when suddenly glasses begin clinking and the room falls silent so the best man can make a toast.

At this point, things can either go well or quickly head south if the toast is awkward or in poor taste. Most of these short speeches hit the mark – particularly the ones that are laced with humor and insight about the newlyweds.

But inappropriate or off-color remarks — however well-intended — can derail things fast. Here’s something a best man should never say about the groom:

“Well, Dan snagged a winner. Julie’s great and I’m sure they’ll make a great couple. Now he can settle down and devote all of his attention to one woman. But he sure as hell wasn’t doing that at the bachelor party!”

tips for wedding toast

Yikes! Here’s another toast that won’t score any brownie points with the bride:

“I guess John has finally found a girl with enough low self-esteem to marry him!”

And finally, a zinger that wouldn’t sit well with the groom:

“I remember when Lizzie used to work at Hooters. Damn, she was hot!”

If things do take a downturn, your saving grace could well be the DJ. If he’s blasting tunes and has guests out on the dance floor, that awkward wedding toast will soon be forgotten – for the time being, at least.

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