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How to keep older guests from leaving your wedding early

When it comes to inviting older guests to your wedding, and you would like to avoid your older guests leaving early, you may want to consider the overall experience that they will have on your wedding day. Figure out in your planning what the outcome is you want to achieve at your reception. Is it going to be a [...]

What if no one dances at my wedding?

Why didn't anyone dance at my wedding? The answer to why we dance – and even why some people are better dancers than others – can be found in evolution. A study published in the Public Library of Science's genetics journal in 2006 suggested that long ago the ability to dance was actually connected to the ability to survive According [...]

Do I need the Bouquet and Garter Toss at my wedding?

So why do you want to do the Bouquet and Garter toss?  Really, think about why do you want to.  Your dance floor is pumping, the wedding guests are having a great time, then the MC announces it's time for the Bouquet and Garter toss....Woosh, just like that your dance floor is completely empty.  Sorry if I scared you, that [...]

Do I need to cut the wedding cake?

What if you don't want a cutting cake? Just to be clear: You do not have to have a cutting cake if that tradition isn't important to you. You can feed each other bites from the dessert bar or share a cupcake for the cameras. Or you can skip the moment altogether and just keep dancing when they announce dessert [...]

What does a Wedding DJ do?

What does a Wedding DJ do? Wedding DJs sometimes get a bad rap known to "just play music" but it's actually more complex than that. If you just want someone to get the dance floor packed without saying anything on your wedding day, you have to consider who is going to introduce your wedding party, help with the planning process [...]

How many hours do I need a DJ?

How many hours should I hire a wedding DJ? Every wedding is different, from guest count to the overall style and theme. It really depends on the type of event and the energy looking to have. An average wedding in the Los Angeles area goes for 6 hours that includes the processional songs as guests arrive at the wedding ceremony, [...]

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