Covid-19 Wedding DJ’s New Guidelines

Covid-19 has changed the wedding industry in several ways.

It’s no secret that we have all been impacted due to the events of Covid-19 and live music entertainment, especially when it comes to performing at private events such as weddings and private parties.

Either you have been personally affected by the results of a postponed or canceled event or know someone who has.  Many vendors have had to make big adjustments to their new business model.

New contracts- Updating our old contracts to now include a Covid-19 clause that seems to be on the top of every vendor list. but how does that affect you?  be sure to look over in detail any new rules or updated guidelines in your contract pertaining to postponements or having to cancel.  For some great info regarding insurance and what to do if Covid-19 ruins your wedding. options and other great tips click the link.

On the day of your event- many vendors, especially DJs who are used to having guests come up to request music are making some drastic changes, some are even putting plexiglass in front of their system. (hopefully, it looks presentable) to making an announcement for guests to either text their requests or fill out a music request sheet, located 6 feet apart from the DJ.  You can always pre-select your songs to dance too before the date of your event.

When it comes to holding the mic for the toasts or the ceremony, We are also providing disposable Mic covers for each segment of the event as well as sanitizing the mic to even keeping it on the mic stand at all times so no one has to touch it.

Ensuring your guests are safe and having them enjoy the evening without thinking about a Covid-19 Wedding is what we hope to accomplish at your event. We don’t make announcements about Covid-19, After all, we are here to celebrate.

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Wedding Hart Park Newhall

It was at Hart Park in Newhall Where I had the honor of MCing Jason and Ceton’s Wedding reception.

Wedding chapel Hart ParkThe Ceremony

After Jason and Ceton had an intimate first look they were joined with family and friends in front of the chapel (which was being renovated, but nobody told them) that they exchanged vows and even had their dog Pascal as the ring bearer.


Jason & Officiant- Star wars throne room song

Wedding Party- Elephant love medley- Moulon rouge

Flower Girls- I see the light- Mandy Moore

Ceton- wait for it  by hamilton into harry potter theme

Sand Ceremony- Seasons of love- Rent

Exchange of vows- All I Ask of You- Phantom of the Opera

Exit Song- 24k Magic- Bruno Mars


At Hart Park We had a windy night outside on the patio, Each member of the wedding party had their own songs to come out too and then Ceton & Jason shared their first dance. We played wedding couple trivia to invite the guests to the Taco Cart.  and then the Party kicked off after the toasts.

Grand Entrance –  I’m A Believer -Smash Mouth
First Dance All of me- John Legend- (whole song)
Mother/Son Dance- Across the Universe- Beatles
Ceton & John (best friend) Megan by bayside
Dedicated song to guests- I want to grow old with you
Song to start the party-Uptown Funk-Bruno Mars
Cake Cutting -Marry you-Bruno Mars
Bouquet- Man I feel like a woman
Garter Toss Ball & Chain- Social Distortion
Last Song Don’t stop me now- Queen

Skeleton wedding cakeWhat a fun looking cake. To see if we are available for your upcoming wedding or to get a quote, add your wedding date to our availability checker. or contact us at 818-533-8863

Real Weddings Kellys Wedding Garden

The Ceremony.  ceremony music kellys wedding garden

Celine and Andrew said yes and made it official at Kelly’s wedding garden, the ceremony started at 5:30 pm.  They hired a Guitarist, Josh Gilbert to play the songs as the wedding party made their way down the aisle. Celine walked down to the traditional song of “here comes the Bride”

la gardenia floristsCocktail hour.

During the Cocktail hour as guests enjoyed drinks inside and a photobooth outside, a Mariachi Band was providing the musical entertainment.  There were some beautiful flowers placed on the tables provided by @lagardenia_  florists based out of Los Angeles.


Wedding music kellys wedding gardenDancing.

With a wide variety of music with fun top 40’s, R&B and a great mix of Latin style tunes from Cumbia, Salsa, Merengue and Bachata, Celine danced with her dad to My Wish by  Rascal Flats and Andrew danced with his mom to Song for Mama by boyz 2 men, we then open up the dance floor with the closer I get to you- Luther Vandross & Beyonce.


Intro Song- bring em out- T.I.

First Dance- Dream on with you-Terrance Howard

Cake Cutting- Love- Kendrick Lamar

Bouquet Toss- Single Ladies

Garter Toss- Whatta Man- Salt n Peppa


anahit's treats

For Dessert, the guests also got to enjoy some donuts and cake pops provided by @ana_treats.

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What’s the hurry? Couples are waiting longer to get married

Good things come to those who wait.

That saying is often applied to finding the right job, finding your dream home or finding that special person in your life. It seems that today’s couples are taking that advice to heart when it comes to marriage. A recent study by Bridebook found that people are getting married later in life than ever before, and the average couple is also dating for a longer time before getting married.

The report surveyed 4,000 recently married couples and found that the average couple was together for about 4.9 years before tying the knot. Previous surveys from eharmony and Wedding Way placed that number at around three years. The extra time seems to be paying off because the Bridebook study notes that the rate of divorce is at its lowest since 1971. And 83% of couples say they felt no pressure to get married and did it because they wanted to.

That’s a far cry from the shotgun weddings of yesteryear!

Bridebook founder Hamish Shephard said the report shows modern relationships are rooted more deeply in commitment.

“Marriages are becoming stronger than ever, relationships happier and more committed than ever and couples are more independent and consensual in their decisions than ever,” he said.

John Gottman, a psychological researcher and clinician who studies divorce prediction and marital stability, said there is one clear benefit to marriage:

“People live longer if they are in marital relationships, particularly if they are in good, satisfying relationships,” he said.

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wedding drone videography

Digital Wedding Trends

Mention wedding photography and most couples envision scenes of the bride and groom standing at the altar or cutting their wedding cake while parents, family members and friends look on.

Those are both great moments to capture. But what if you could also create a scene where both of you are standing in front of the church – taken not from 15 feet away, but from high up in the air? And what if the camera could gradually glide down and zoom in on you and your wedding guests while everyone cheered?

aerial wedding droneYou don’t have to hire a Hollywood director to get that kind of effect because a growing number of wedding photographers and videographers are using drone technology to capture never-before-possible shots. Whether you’re getting married at a church, an ocean-side resort or an overlook in the mountains, that destination means a lot to you. What better way to celebrate your special day than with a video that provides a sweeping view of the entire scene?


Here’s another way you can go high-tech without being so obvious: Have a GoPro hidden in your bouquet so when you walk down the aisle it captures that special moment from your point of view. That’s a perspective no one else has – and you’ll have it all on video!

If that wasn’t enough, you could also add amazing decorations to the top and sides of your wedding cake by creating 3-D printed designs. It’ll make things look a lot classier. Plus your friends will wonder how in the heck you did it!

Be sure to check out Matrimony Films and ask for Matthew Sutherland to help answer any questions you have about wedding drones.

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Hiring the right wedding DJ

Don’t cut corners, hiring a wedding DJ will energize your reception!

You’ve already spent money on invitations, decorations, the wedding cake, catering services, a videographer, and flowers.  But now your friends are suggesting that you also spring for a live DJ, adding yet another expense to the mix.

Should you go for it … or save yourself a few bucks and just have programmed music? The choice is ultimately up to you. But here are some compelling reasons when hiring a wedding dj:

Music selection: A good wedding DJ can read the crowd and provide a unique mix of music that works for everyone – from the newly married couple and their friends to the parents, the parents’ friends and grandparents. And the tunes could be all over the map, ranging from rap, hip hop and grunge, to R&B, classic rock and big band music. Hey, you gotta’ play something for grandpa!

Equipment: A good DJ comes prepared with professional sound equipment that can cover any room, plus lighting to make your event more exciting. not to mention a backup system. Yes, it can happen, but don’t let the party come to a screeching halt because of it. Also, have you ever been to a wedding where the sound was horrible, or the speakers were crackling?

Convenience and peace of mind: Having a wedding DJ who can also act as your Master of ceremonies to ensure you have smooth transitions and a timeline that flows can really make a differenchiring a DJe during the night.  But you can also have a great wedding planner who will assist with gathering the wedding party and ensuring everything is going as planned.

Audience interaction: This, more than anything else, can turn your reception into an event everyone will remember. A good DJ/MC knows how to work with the crowd and get everyone out on the dance floor. And think about it – after the food’s been eaten and wedding toasts are made … what else is there?

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Best Man Wedding Toast Tips

Don’t ruin the wedding reception with a bad toast!

Everyone’s gathered at the wedding reception. Music’s playing, caterers are running around and guests are eating and chatting away, when suddenly glasses begin clinking and the room falls silent so the best man can make a toast.

At this point, things can either go well or quickly head south if the toast is awkward or in poor taste. Most of these short speeches hit the mark – particularly the ones that are laced with humor and insight about the newlyweds.

But inappropriate or off-color remarks — however well-intended — can derail things fast. Here’s something a best man should never say about the groom:

“Well, Dan snagged a winner. Julie’s great and I’m sure they’ll make a great couple. Now he can settle down and devote all of his attention to one woman. But he sure as hell wasn’t doing that at the bachelor party!”

tips for wedding toast

Yikes! Here’s another toast that won’t score any brownie points with the bride:

“I guess John has finally found a girl with enough low self-esteem to marry him!”

And finally, a zinger that wouldn’t sit well with the groom:

“I remember when Lizzie used to work at Hooters. Damn, she was hot!”

If things do take a downturn, your saving grace could well be the DJ. If he’s blasting tunes and has guests out on the dance floor, that awkward wedding toast will soon be forgotten – for the time being, at least.

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Don’t let “last call” sabotage your wedding reception!

Last call for alcohol!

That announcement is often heard at sports bars and other late-night venues when closing time is approaching. And it’s given for good reason, as some customers will have definitely have overshot their drink limit by that time. Let’s face it – no one wants these people out on the road when they’ve got that much alcohol in their system.

But what about a wedding reception?

When someone yells “Last call!” at a wedding reception things typically grind to a halt real fast. All of those family members and friends who are out of the dance floor suddenly begin looking at their watches or phones to check the time. Invariably, people begin heading home, leaving the dance floor looking like Death Valley.

That’s the last thing you want to happen when your guests are getting down to the music of Lizzo, Usher, MJ or yelling out that popular Journey song. (you know what song) And it’s particularly bad when you’ve got a DJ who’s working the crowd and turning your reception into a real party.

No event can go on forever — that’s obvious. But a better way to do it is to simply post a sign that says, “Bar will close at 10 p.m.” That lets your guests know ahead of time when the reception will begin winding down. More importantly, it gives them time to pace themselves, not only with food and drink but with conversations.

Meanwhile, your DJ can keep the music cranking so the party carries on until your reception is over!

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Make your wedding reception a success!

The date’s set and the invitations have been sent out.

Now you’re planning the wedding and the reception that will follow. The ceremony itself is pretty cut and dried – not too much can go wrong there. But the reception? That’s a different story. This is the time when your guests can cut loose and have fun, and you want the proceedings to be as lively — and memorable — as possible. So where do you start?

Here are some tips that will get you on track:

Think about your guests: You want to make them as comfortable as possible, so make sure there’s plenty of seating and easy parking. You don’t want them schlepping across a cornfield or construction site to get there!

Focus on food and drink: Believe it or not, people are going to remember what you serve, so don’t cheap out and buy your main dish at 7-Eleven. Many guests will be hungry after making the trek to the wedding, so serve something nice. And have plenty of beverages on hand – both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Give them time: Make sure your schedule for the day has some built-in “buffer time” so there’s time for conversation and relaxed fun. No one wants to feel they’re being rushed, so don’t create a schedule of events that is so rigid it almost becomes a drill.

Newhall mansion wedding DjHire a good DJ: A good DJ can lift a party up, so hire someone who is reputable. You want a DJ who arrives armed with a broad mix of music and interacts with the wedding couple and guests. At Silvertunes Entertainment, we bring the party! And we provide music that will keep everyone on the dance floor, whether they’re 3 years old … or 90!

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Did you hire the right entertainment?

Want to bring your party to a grinding halt?

Hire the wrong wedding DJ and that’s exactly what will happen. Think about it: The wedding party is out on the dance floor moving to … well, maybe something by Madonna or James Brown, when suddenly the music segues into a weird grunge rock song no one’s heard of.

To make matters worse, the DJ refuses to take requests because he doesn’t have any of the right music on hand. And he makes no connection whatsoever with the people he’s supposed to be entertaining.

That’s a wedding reception gone wrong.

But none of that will happen when you hire Silvertunes Entertainment. Our job is to make your special day an event you will long remember. Our DJs like to have fun! They’ll not only interact with the crowd but also provide a customized mix of music that caters to your specific event. Want some gritty R&B? We’ve got it. How about a mixture of disco, hip hop and classic rock and roll? Got you covered!

Silvertunes dj

We’ve got a whole stable of DJs who all love what they do. Fernando G is a great example. As a former radio personality, he brings his own, unique energy to the place, whether it’s a wedding, anniversary or corporate event.

And DJ Steve? He adds karaoke to the mix while also understanding that your musical tastes are a reflection of who you are. All of our guys will bring your party to life, whether you’re craving disco, R&B, classic rock … or even romantic Italian ballads.

At Silvertunes Entertainment, our job is to ensure your event is a success!

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