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wedding drone videography

Digital Wedding Trends

Mention wedding photography and most couples envision scenes of the bride and groom standing at the altar or cutting their wedding cake while parents, family members and friends look on.

Those are both great moments to capture. But what if you could also create a scene where both of you are standing in front of the church – taken not from 15 feet away, but from high up in the air? And what if the camera could gradually glide down and zoom in on you and your wedding guests while everyone cheered?

aerial wedding droneYou don’t have to hire a Hollywood director to get that kind of effect because a growing number of wedding photographers and videographers are using drone technology to capture never-before-possible shots. Whether you’re getting married at a church, an ocean-side resort or an overlook in the mountains, that destination means a lot to you. What better way to celebrate your special day than with a video that provides a sweeping view of the entire scene?


Here’s another way you can go high-tech without being so obvious: Have a GoPro hidden in your bouquet so when you walk down the aisle it captures that special moment from your point of view. That’s a perspective no one else has – and you’ll have it all on video!

If that wasn’t enough, you could also add amazing decorations to the top and sides of your wedding cake by creating 3-D printed designs. It’ll make things look a lot classier. Plus your friends will wonder how in the heck you did it!

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Too much to drink on wedding day

Dealing with wedding party members who have had too much to drink on your wedding day.

I recently performed at a wedding that when it was time for the toast, one of the members of the wedding party had too much to drink and was unable to perform the duties.

It can be a bit nerve racking for the bride and groom to just sit there while your best man or maid of honor spill out stories of your past or bring up some embarrassing moments, but when it comes to the toast, you also hope that the person speaking isn’t to intoxicated to take the speech to a another level.

wedding toast gone wrong

Here are some tips to guide you in preventing a potential Roast instead of a toast to occur.

  1. Choose wisely – Obviously its common for either the best man or maid of honor to say something at your wedding, but you also may be familiar with their drinking habits, are they early drinkers or late drinkers at an event.
  2. Manage the timing- Most speeches occur either before the meal or after based on geographic location, east coast or west coast.  typically at weddings in California, mist toasts happen towards the end of the meal, If you start to see members of the wedding party drinking too much, I suggest having the toast ASAP, maybe even before the meal.
  3. Have a standby-It never hurts to be prepared and have another member of the wedding party to either read the speech if the best man is too drunk to stand, or ask another member of the party to fill in as well.
  4. Don’t be afraid to stop the toast-If it seems its going on longer than expected or getting to feel uncomfortable, STAND UP and walk over to the presenter, it’s a clear signal that its time to wrap things up.
  5. Notify your M.C. – Prepare your MC of any concerns you may have for the toasts and ask how they can politely bring closure to a toast that may be getting out of hand.

Overall your wedding is a day of celebration, fun, laughter and experiences.  Just be sure to also take it slow on the alcohol consumption for yourself as well so you may enjoy those moments that you have taken so long to prepare for.

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Wedding Castaways Burbank

We had fun celebrating Dean and Marcela’s Wedding at Castaways Restaurant in Burbank.

The weather was perfect outside in the courtyard for the ceremony.  With a intimate number of guests, approx 50, We made our way into the Laguna Room for the buffet Lunch which was spectacular and Dancing.

After the grand entrance, Dean and Marcela enjoyed their first dance as husband and wife. followed by the lunch buffet, We had the toasts and allowed the guests to also say a few words.

Cupcakes followed for dessert and dancing continued till we ended at 4pm.  We played some Bolivian music for marcela’s family and fun latin hits as well as a mix of 50’s and 60’s music.

Everyone had a fun time and stayed till the very end.  Cupcakes were provided by Doris Mishaelain 310-800-3157

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Toastmasters MC at your wedding?

Will you have a toastmasters MC at your wedding?   What does that mean?  When it comes to being a professional speaker or a Master of ceremonies, being able to stand up in front of a room filled with strangers can be nerve racking, after all, the number one fear is public speaking.

It is my service and in my job description as an MC to have expression, vocal variety, enthusiasm, tone and clarity when it comes to your wedding day, from the moment I stand up and introduce myself to your guests,  to the introduction of the wedding party, My goal is for your guests to feel the excitement in the room as what is about to happen.

Being a member of toastmasters international and also currently enrolled in Improv, I am constantly fine tuning my skill set for me as a wedding MC to provide the best possible service to my clients as I am a direct representation of you on your wedding day.  Below is a link to a recent speech I gave at a toastmasters contest, its about 6 minutes long, I have posted not to toot my own horn but for you to see what being a polished speaker will sound like at your event compared to someone who may use a lot of filler words, such as ums, so, you know etc….

When meeting with a potential MC for your event, ask what it could possibly sound like as you introduce the bride and groom into the room to get an idea of their energy and vocal performance.

To view my main speech, fast forward to 2:31:34    To view my improv speech ( I did not prepare) go to 37:00 mark.


How to choose catering for your wedding

Great article by Derek Flowers Virtually any wedding day, little or huge, will not be complete without a wedding reception following the ceremony. This can be a time when the couple can have a fine dinner with the attendees as official husband and wife. Any wedding celebration functions as a possible acquaintance get together for those families from both sides of the bride and groom who’re interacting with one another for the first time. It can also be a reunion of sorts for anyone of the same family. The wedding reception, therefore, must be as memorable as the wedding service itself to make sure that the many guests can think of this together with fond recollections.

Should you be having the wedding reception at a place where catering isn’t included, it truly is your task to look for the wedding caterer which can satisfy the needs you have. Your quest must be as part of your preparations and done months prior to the actual wedding event. You have to have a perception of what you wish to enable you to present these to the food caterer. You have to have strategies for follow on how to employ your wedding catering service.

Before canvassing for a catering service, you will need to be definite regarding your wedding date and location. These are needed elements the catering service will take into account. It can be feasible for the particular caterer you have in mind is already booked on your preferred time or place isn’t available for it. In the event that this might demand the catering service an extended travel time to go to the region, you can end up offering ruined meals. One other concern for you to into account is the funds plus the estimated volume of guests. Reduce your options to those caterers which match the financial plan. It would be a whole waste of your energy to go through the motions of selecting a catering service only to discover that you simply can’t afford it.

Many sources may be drawn on in finding the best wedding food caterer. First of all you can do is to ask for referrals off your family members, close friends and even co-workers. You can find out about the catering service they employed and their own happiness score. By simply asking these people, you should have an idea about what to expect from each and every catering company and you can move forward after that. If you have a wedding planner, then question him/her if she can suggest an honest and also dependable one. People and other entities involved with wedding activities normally have contacts with other providers.

Once limiting the options to a minimum of 2 caterers, you need to meet with them and carry out a taste tests. The food should be based upon your decided menus so you will know beforehand what food the wedding attendees can feed on. The chef or cook can assist you select what meals are usually popular or advise you on the various courses. Aside from the couple, you should request other relatives to accompany you to the taste test in order that you will not be biased given your own choices regarding food.
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First Dance Circle Idea

First Dance IdeasInviting guests to join your first dance with a circle is a very special moment that both bride and groom can cherish. Most weddings have a common style and theme, but when you change things up a bit it will create a dynamic classic response. We invited all the guests to join us on the dance floor and create a circle before we introduced the bride and groom into the room. it had a very warm and intimate feel and energy for the couple as they circled around looking at their friends and family. Wedding venue: The Paseo Club wedding

Asking the right venue questions

Did I ask the right questions about the venue? here are 5 good tips you should ask when looking for a wedding venue:
1-Can I bring in my own vendors or do we have to use your preferred ones?
2-Does cost include catering or can we bring outside caterers?
3-Do you offer Valet parking or self parking?
4-Is their outside noise restrictions ie…decibel reader?
5-What if we want to extend our reception time the day of event?Wedding Franciscan Garden

Wedding Reception Lighting

So your wedding ceremony is over, the guests are ready to get their groove on, what type of atmosphere have you set your room to look like with your wedding reception lighting. Most of the time hotels have the ability to dim the lights which gives you the possibility of setting a specific mood.  the most common form of lighting used today is uplighting.  You can create the room to look like your color theme, for example if your colors are purple, have purple uplights around the room create a nice color splash on the walls that will give your room a little more of either elegance, or if your in the party mood, have various colors.  most DJ’s will also offer multi-colored lights that move to the beat of the music so when its time to really get the party going. sliderbgv2