Covid-19 has changed the wedding industry in several ways.

It’s no secret that we have all been impacted due to the events of Covid-19 and live music entertainment, especially when it comes to performing at private events such as weddings and private parties.

Either you have been personally affected by the results of a postponed or canceled event or know someone who has.  Many vendors have had to make big adjustments to their new business model.

New contracts- Updating our old contracts to now include a Covid-19 clause that seems to be on the top of every vendor list. but how does that affect you?  be sure to look over in detail any new rules or updated guidelines in your contract pertaining to postponements or having to cancel.  For some great info regarding insurance and what to do if Covid-19 ruins your wedding. options and other great tips click the link.

On the day of your event- many vendors, especially DJs who are used to having guests come up to request music are making some drastic changes, some are even putting plexiglass in front of their system. (hopefully, it looks presentable) to making an announcement for guests to either text their requests or fill out a music request sheet, located 6 feet apart from the DJ.  You can always pre-select your songs to dance too before the date of your event.

When it comes to holding the mic for the toasts or the ceremony, We are also providing disposable Mic covers for each segment of the event as well as sanitizing the mic to even keeping it on the mic stand at all times so no one has to touch it.

Ensuring your guests are safe and having them enjoy the evening without thinking about a Covid-19 Wedding is what we hope to accomplish at your event. We don’t make announcements about Covid-19, After all, we are here to celebrate.

For more information about our Wedding services in Santa Clarita and our Covid-19 Wedding Stimulus specials, be sure to check out or call us for a quick chat at 818-533-8863.