Dealing with wedding party members who have had too much to drink on your wedding day.

I recently performed at a wedding that when it was time for the toast, one of the members of the wedding party had too much to drink and was unable to perform the duties.

It can be a bit nerve racking for the bride and groom to just sit there while your best man or maid of honor spill out stories of your past or bring up some embarrassing moments, but when it comes to the toast, you also hope that the person speaking isn’t to intoxicated to take the speech to a another level.

wedding toast gone wrong

Here are some tips to guide you in preventing a potential Roast instead of a toast to occur.

  1. Choose wisely – Obviously its common for either the best man or maid of honor to say something at your wedding, but you also may be familiar with their drinking habits, are they early drinkers or late drinkers at an event.
  2. Manage the timing- Most speeches occur either before the meal or after based on geographic location, east coast or west coast.  typically at weddings in California, mist toasts happen towards the end of the meal, If you start to see members of the wedding party drinking too much, I suggest having the toast ASAP, maybe even before the meal.
  3. Have a standby-It never hurts to be prepared and have another member of the wedding party to either read the speech if the best man is too drunk to stand, or ask another member of the party to fill in as well.
  4. Don’t be afraid to stop the toast-If it seems its going on longer than expected or getting to feel uncomfortable, STAND UP and walk over to the presenter, it’s a clear signal that its time to wrap things up.
  5. Notify your M.C. – Prepare your MC of any concerns you may have for the toasts and ask how they can politely bring closure to a toast that may be getting out of hand.

Overall your wedding is a day of celebration, fun, laughter and experiences.  Just be sure to also take it slow on the alcohol consumption for yourself as well so you may enjoy those moments that you have taken so long to prepare for.

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