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How many hours do I need a DJ?

How many hours should I hire a wedding DJ?

Every wedding is different, from guest count to the overall style and theme.

It really depends on the type of event and the energy looking to have. An average wedding in the Los Angeles area goes for 6 hours that includes the processional songs as guests arrive at the wedding ceremony, cocktail hour as you get your photos taken, and then the dinner and dancing.

wedding dj hoursIf you’re looking to have a more low-key style event with some light background music 4 hours should be plenty of time for you to accomplish all of the formalities that are needed. Sometimes brides will hire a live musician for the ceremony music in which case you could have a 5-hour wedding DJ. But consider that you may still need to hire the DJ to provide sound for your officiant and your vows.

Some other items to consider is the amount of set up time that is needed for the wedding DJs to get ready before the wedding reception is to begin. Also based on the energy level of your guests and how packed your dance floor is, will you want to go into overtime? Be sure to ask about an additional charge or add on services. Some wedding venues may not allow for extra time or you may also have to pay for the staff overtime. You may also want to hire the Dj for an after-party at a new location.

The best advice I can give you is to contact and have a conversation with the company you are considering hiring to make sure there are no hidden charges. Most companies should include the setup and arrive at your event at least an hour or two before guests arrive.

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Do I Need To Hire A Wedding DJ?

Do You Need A DJ For Your Wedding?

The short answer to that question is no. But the question you need to ask yourself is why would you want a DJ at your wedding in the first place. Are you inviting a lot of guests who love to dance? or is it going to be more of a mellow formal sit down dinner?

There are many advantages to having a professional DJ at your wedding, so before you make the investment, consider the following benefits.

hiring a wedding dj

Do you love music? with today’s technology and specific music subscriptions, exclusive for DJ’s only, DJs are able to get their hands on many genres as well as a variety of decades of cultural-style music that you may want to hear at your wedding.

Not only does a DJ have a vast majority of music but it’s also important to remember where the music is coming from, If you are having a large guest count you will need a professional sound system that doesn’t crackle or sound distorted when you have a song with a lot of bass, or when you hear the toasts, everyone can understand what is being said.

If you’re not hiring a wedding coordinator for your wedding you may want to also consider hiring a company that provides a Master of Ceremonies at the reception. Having a good MC keeps everything on track from the grand entrance to the toast and the special dances ie.. father-daughter or mother-son.

If you are also having a wedding ceremony you’ll want to have background music as your guests are arriving and a microphone for the officiant so everyone is able to hear your vows. These are just a few reasons why you might want to consider having a wedding DJ as opposed to plugging in and using Spotify.

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