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Do I Need To Hire A Wedding DJ?

Do You Need A DJ For Your Wedding?

The short answer to that question is no. But the question you need to ask yourself is why would you want a DJ at your wedding in the first place. Are you inviting a lot of guests who love to dance? or is it going to be more of a mellow formal sit down dinner?

There are many advantages to having a professional DJ at your wedding, so before you make the investment, consider the following benefits.

hiring a wedding dj

Do you love music? with today’s technology and specific music subscriptions, exclusive for DJ’s only, DJs are able to get their hands on many genres as well as a variety of decades of cultural-style music that you may want to hear at your wedding.

Not only does a DJ have a vast majority of music but it’s also important to remember where the music is coming from, If you are having a large guest count you will need a professional sound system that doesn’t crackle or sound distorted when you have a song with a lot of bass, or when you hear the toasts, everyone can understand what is being said.

If you’re not hiring a wedding coordinator for your wedding you may want to also consider hiring a company that provides a Master of Ceremonies at the reception. Having a good MC keeps everything on track from the grand entrance to the toast and the special dances ie.. father-daughter or mother-son.

If you are also having a wedding ceremony you’ll want to have background music as your guests are arriving and a microphone for the officiant so everyone is able to hear your vows. These are just a few reasons why you might want to consider having a wedding DJ as opposed to plugging in and using Spotify.

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Wedding DJ with British Accent

I am a Wedding DJ originally from England and Yes I am losing my British Accent, How Sad.

Does having a wedding DJ with a British accent really matter? So my family and I came over on the Mayflower back in 1981, when I was a young lad at the age of 9.  I remember my dad telling us on the plane that we will need to learn some american words, such as sneakers as opposed to plimsolls, or that lemonade was called 7-up.

There was a time when everyone would ask me to say something, just to hear my accent, it almost got to be to much at one point, but i guess i can say it was also flattering.

GrowBritish Wedding DJing up in San Diego and starting my DJ company back in 1994, I really had a niche that was different and separated me from a lot of the other companies out there, but having the accent was always a plus, who doesn’t like to hear a British accent, as long as they can understand you.

So fast forward 22 years, having been a wedding DJ for that long has taught me one thing and that is whether you are British or American, my clients really love accents.  several have relatives at their events that are just visiting and seriously put me to shame, but thank god, they can still hear parts of my accent.  One of my strongest abilities at an event is my Master of ceremonies skills that I have taken so long to master and still today continue to learn whether its being in Toastmasters or improv classes, I am always striving for new and innovative ways to create an experience over the microphone for my clients.

What comes out of the mouth of your MC, whether they have a cute accent or not is still important to most clients because we are a direct representation of you at your wedding.

I always joke that my accent is fading fast, but I really hope that it stays with me as long as I am performing weddings and other celebrations.

Here is a video of me making fun of my accent.  enjoy.