Ok, so maybe we will never see snow in los angeles, but over the next several months as we experience cold weather, consider some options when planning your wedding outside.  always, always have a plan B, especially when it comes to the ceremony, you can always bring the ceremony inside to the reception hall if weather does not permit for it outside.  consider the older guests and how far they have to walk from the ceremony to the reception, will grass or dirt be a factor for anyone in a wheelchair or a cane. Will you require heat lamps for your guests at their tables, and does the facility provide them or do you have to look elsewhere.  even during the summer time in California, it can get very hot and humid, will there be water for your guests as they arrive or even have your ceremony pamphlet double as a fan.  Always keep in mind WHAT IF… when planning your wedding with conditions you may not have control over, like the weather. pic provided by virginiaweddings.blogspot.com.