Step 1: Find a Good Match

Picking the right DJ for your celebration is possibly the most important part of your wedding planning.
See if we’re right for you!

Step 2: Consider these fun wedding ideas to get the most out of your celebration.

Stay together: during the reception as much as possible, If you love to dance, be on the dance floor, If you love to drink, hang out at the bar word of caution, your guests will be where you are. Don’t hang out at the photo Booth all night.

Bar placement: If you have a bar and have the option, keep it as close to the dance floor as possible. Having the bar in the same room where guests are seated is preferable to placing the bar in the hall or foyer or another room. If the facilities bar is permanently placed in another room, make sure that there are no televisions turned on or other attractions. Guys will tend to hang out near the bar, “The more the merrier” is especially important for creating a celebration and a busy dance floor.

Seat the older guests: away from the DJ or bands speakers and the younger guests closer to the speakers. Older guests are much more sensitive to music than your friends.

Family photos: Be sure these are done before the dancing occurs. Here is a quote from a recent bride on The Knot. “We had the photographer shoot a photo of all of our guests in the foyer outside the reception room. I’m sure the photo will be great, but it spoiled the dynamic of the evening. Once the guests were out of the main room, some of them just went ahead and left afterwards. “

Smoking: and gathering outside: A smaller gathering weakens the party. Try to keep your guests from separating. Smokers must have a place to smoke,but try to keep everyone else inside. Persuade your bridal party to stay with you and enjoy the party all night. Make it a part of their “job” to make this the best party possible.

Family traditions: regional customs (and music), hobbies etc. Are you a fan of Star Wars, Skiing, Football or anything else? Find a way to work it into your party or ask your DJ for ideas.

Don’t ignore Grandma and Grandpa: Older guests will tend to be among the first to leave, so tailor your music selections accordingly. Towards the beginning of your reception, play more 40’s, 50’s and 60’s hits, mixed with current selections. In the last hour, you can stick to current music.

Late night snack: as simple as hot dogs, pizza or bread sticks will be greatly appreciated by the guests who have been dancing (and maybe drinking) up a storm.

Enjoy your party: Your guests want to see you having a great time! You will be surprised how quickly time will pass, so relax and have fun! Take time out with your new partner and pretend that you are at someone else’s party. Ask your bridal party to take some of the workload off you. Assign them certain duties beforehand. If there are any problems during the party, have your friends fix them. You should focus on enjoying your fabulous party.

Switch from glass to plastic: ware after dinner: Almost every week we see the dance floor being cleared to clean up a broken glasses on the dance floor. Besides the mess and danger (a lot of shoes come off during dancing) the clean up tends to be a real party buzz killer. Beer bottles are not usually a problem, but dropped cocktail and wine glasses spell disaster on the dance floor.

Keep the kids occupied: If young children are on the guest list, be aware that wedding receptions are not very entertaining for them, so they will create their own “fun”. That usually means running wildly and sliding across the dance floor. Coloring books will last 10 minutes (max). I suggest a tv/dvd combo set up in the corner somewhere with a variety of videos.

Mixer during the cocktail: hour while guests are waiting for the bride and groom to arrive, Your DJ will ask for all the guests to find someone they don’t know in the room and introduce themselves and tell the other person how they know the bride and groom and if they like, tell their favorite memory or story about the bride and groom.

The big send off: For the last dance, arrange beforehand for all the remaining guests to make a circle around the two of you. Ask your bridal party to ask all the guests to create this circle for the last dance. This should be arranged well ahead of time so that the process happens quickly so they can join the circle as well.

Step 3: So if you thought playing music was the only thing a DJ does, Look at what I do BEHIND THE SCENES to ensure your wedding day goes of flawless.


  • Compare notes with catering manager/wedding coordinator:
  •  Review agenda
  •  Find, test and adjust lighting controls
  •  Verify reserved sign on family table
  •  Check cake table for : utensils, plate, napkins
  •  Check head table for toasting glasses
  •  Verify wedding party seating arrangements
  •  Clarify grand entrance path to head table
  •  Perform a thorough sound check
  •  Check with banquet captain that meals are ready to be served


  • Discuss grand entrance and toast with photographer/videographer
  • Confirm with those doing additional toasts/blessings
  • Brief those toasting on microphone technique
  • Announce for remaining guests to be seated for the grand entrance
  • Alert catering staff to pour for the toast
  • Verify that the toast has been poured at head table
  • Cue up grand entrance song
  • Discuss the following grand entrance details with the wedding party:
  • Line up wedding party for grand entrance
  • Confirm toast with best man and maid of honor
  • Brief best man and maid of honor on microphone technique
  • Where will they walk and stand
  • Seating arrangement and when to sit
  • Guide bride to hand of her bouquet
  • Clarify agenda for the remainder of the reception


  • Discuss Agenda for reception with additional vendors
  • Announce buffet guidelines
  • Announce any games or activities
  • Cue up centerpiece giveaway song
  • Release guests to buffet line
  • Discuss following details with bride and groom
  • Does the bride have a garter on already
  • Does the bride have her purse for honeymoon dance
  • Timing for the father/daughter dance
  • Timing for the mother/son dance


  • Cue up first dance
  • Announce first dance will be happening soon
  • Give catering staff an estimated time for cake cutting
  • Alert parents about upcoming special dances
  • Alert wedding party for upcoming dances/toasts
  • Cue up father/daughter dance


  • Coordinate with photographer and videographer timing and entrance
  • Introduction of master of ceremonies
  • Announce for the wedding party entrance
  • Cue up background for the meal


  • Alert photographer for cake cutting and bouquet and garter toss
  • Notify bride and groom of upcoming specialty dances
  • Alert maid of honor to have bouquet ready and money bag
  • Discuss with catering manager about cake cutting
  • Prep best man and maid of honor for money dance
  • Prep photographer about location for group photo


  • Discuss exit and timing with coordinator and photographer
  • Prep bride and groom for grand exit
  • Coordinate with venue with location for sparkler exit
  • Finalize best shot for exit with photographer
  • Make additional announcements for parking with guests
  • Let guests know how the night will end
  • Turn up venue lighting
  • Break down equipment
  • Do a final sweep of venue for lights and cords
  • Clean-up work area