Wedding Tip: I want to go over an extra hour, everyone is having fun! This can be a common question as the scheduled event is coming to a close. If the DJ is ok with it, that is one thing, remember you will also have to pay any additional charges per your contract. (you do have a contract right?) but wait, there are several other factors to consider when wanting to go an additional hour on your wedding day.
1- Does the venue allow it
2- Is there a noise ordinance enforced
3-is the staff willing to go overtime
4-did you hire a shuttle service for a certain pick up time
5-is it more than 8 hrs paying overtime to staff
6-will the bar stay open, how much for extra alcohol
7-will vendors insurance qualify for overtime
8-Is the rental company scheduled to pick up dance floor/tables etc…
be sure when hiring any vendor what their overtime policy is. Have the best wedding ever.