We are breaking the rules in sales to help couples come to a decision faster.

Most people book based on personality or price, since we can’t change our fun personalities, we are going straight to the PRICE. We’re calling it

“Budget to Booking Deal”

HOW DOES IT WORK: So you don’t have to go back and forth with us and a bunch of DJ’s who you want to rock your event, trying to find the best price and great quality at the same time, (you don’t want to hire just a cheap bad DJ that gets no one dancing do you?) We want to listen.

WHAT WE ASK: What’s the price you are hoping and budgeted to pay without compromising the success of your event?

WHAT WE WILL DO: If we can make it happen, we will and you get to take one more thing off your list of things to do.

Just text me back with your entertainment budget and let’s make some Magic!  818-533-8863