Want to bring your party to a grinding halt?

Hire the wrong wedding DJ and that’s exactly what will happen. Think about it: The wedding party is out on the dance floor moving to … well, maybe something by Madonna or James Brown, when suddenly the music segues into a weird grunge rock song no one’s heard of.

To make matters worse, the DJ refuses to take requests because he doesn’t have any of the right music on hand. And he makes no connection whatsoever with the people he’s supposed to be entertaining.

That’s a wedding reception gone wrong.

But none of that will happen when you hire Silvertunes Entertainment. Our job is to make your special day an event you will long remember. Our DJs like to have fun! They’ll not only interact with the crowd but also provide a customized mix of music that caters to your specific event. Want some gritty R&B? We’ve got it. How about a mixture of disco, hip hop and classic rock and roll? Got you covered!

Silvertunes dj

We’ve got a whole stable of DJs who all love what they do. Fernando G is a great example. As a former radio personality, he brings his own, unique energy to the place, whether it’s a wedding, anniversary or corporate event.

And DJ Steve? He adds karaoke to the mix while also understanding that your musical tastes are a reflection of who you are. All of our guys will bring your party to life, whether you’re craving disco, R&B, classic rock … or even romantic Italian ballads.

At Silvertunes Entertainment, our job is to ensure your event is a success!

Call or text us today at 818-533-8863 to see if we’re available for your special event. You can also reach us via email at [email protected]. [sg_popup id=”1406″ event=”hover”][/sg_popup]