What if you don’t want a cutting cake?

Just to be clear: You do not have to have a cutting cake if that tradition isn’t important to you. You can feed each other bites from the dessert bar or share a cupcake for the cameras. Or you can skip the moment altogether and just keep dancing when they announce dessert has been served for those who would like a sweet treat.

Source: brides.com

These are some great questions and that should only be determined by the style of wedding you are planning. If you choose to have the traditional cake cutting ceremony in which you have all your guests surround you at that moment, it can be very meaningful for the parents, grandparents and your guests. the only downside is if you have a packed dance floor, you will lose your guests to taking their seats and waiting for the cake to be served.

A bride and a groom is cutting their wedding cake

A great alternative is the silent cake cutting, where only you and immediate family members gather around the couple and the cake as your guests continue to dance until the cake has been served at their table.

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So when is the right time to cut the cake without it stopping your wedding in its tracks. Here are some great moments to cut the cake if you still plan to keep the tradition.

Early in the reception- this could be right after you have your first dance and all your guests are still at their tables to look on.

After the Toast-if you plan to say a few words to your guests, have your speech next to the cake and then go right into the cake cutting ceremony.

Before the dancing starts- have your guests circle around the cake and as soon as you are finished, lead them all onto the dance floor, or even have the cake in the center of the dance floor and have guests come join you.

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