Choosing the right father daughter dance on your wedding day can sometimes be a daunting task. The moment your dad has been waiting for, When it’s time to choose the right song, there are many great songs out there.  Here are some tips to finding and selecting the right one.

1. How close are you will your dad, there are songs that can be simple standards if you don’t have the closest relationship, or if you are very close, maybe select a song you shared memories as a child. here is a great list I found on wedding wire. Father-daughter songs list. 

2. Do you both know how to dance? If you feel that your dad may not have the right steps for your song, choosing a slow song with 60-65 beats per minute.  I found a List that has the tempo Wedding songs with tempo

3. How long do you want to dance with your dad? you don’t always have to play the full song, simply ask your DJ to fade out at a specific point, or give them a signal.

4. Do you have a father and a Step father?  this can sometimes be tricky, You can always split up the song and dance with them both or have a different song for both.  Be sure to have this conversation with both of them so you don’t make anyone feel uncomfortable on your wedding day.

father daughter dance songs

what is a good song to dance with my father at my wedding