A  Party by definition is an entertainment function, so why not entertain your guests with a fun wedding dinner idea,  while they wait to be dismissed to the buffet, from wedding trivia,  table scavenger hunt to family feud and lots of fun options.  having a fun wedding is what every bride is looking for and as much fun as music can be, you may also want to consider providing some additional entertainment while your guests are sitting and waiting as well.  Another great way for you to incorporate your guests at the table is by changing the table numbers to either song names or places you have traveled together, then have the DJ play a song that relates to that table and If they hear their song, they get to go eat. We have even incorporated a round of Bingo that each table has in order to eat.  Location: Newhall Mansion Wedding.  Photo credit: Hannah Arista Photography 

fun wedding trivia

dismiss tables in a different way to the buffet