The Glen Tavern Inn located in Santa Paula is a fun venue for an outside wedding reception.

Andrew Glen Tavern Ceremony Santa Paulaand Sydney’s wedding was a blast as they celebrated their wedding day at the Glen Tavern hotel located in Santa Paula. The Ceremony had a great space for all the guests and a nice breeze.  Something that was unique about this wedding was the guest were first invited for cocktail hour at 5:30 pm and then the ceremony was called for 6:30 pm which gave everyone time to have a drink and get settled.

We had a fun introduction with some mini bio’s about the wedding party and went straight into the blessing and the Buffet in which the guests had to answer trivia questions best Wedding Dj Santa paulaabout Sydney and Andrew in order to eat.  After we had the toasts, we invited them onto the dance floor for the first dance and went into the dancing portion of the evening.  The backdrop of the hotel has some great lighting, we also included uplights around the bushes to add a little more decor as the night fell upon us.   Everybody seem to have a blast as we played a variety of music for the intimate # of guests, approx 65 were there to celebrate with Sydney and Andrew.


The Glen Tavern Inn website   for your next weeding off the 126 is great for a guest count of approx 100 and depending on weather conditions can make for a really fun wedding or special occasion, not to mention you can also book some rooms for your guests they want to stay and celebrate. the music does have to be off by 10:00 pm for noise ordinance.