Hiring a DJ for your wedding can be stressful. Are they going to be fun, keep my guests dancing, create fun moments, sound good on the mic and not be cheesy?

When it comes to your wedding day, you may actually need more than just a DJ. Have you ever been to a wedding where the DJ was horrible and you as a guest left early.  Now its your turn to find the right DJ who is going to keep your guests informed, entertained and excited about your wedding.

Having Just a DJ who only plays music, doesn’t have good mic skills, isn’t able to connect with your guests will have a huge impact on your wedding.

Having a skilled MC (master of ceremonies) at your wedding can really help set the mood, create the tone and manage the pace of your reception.   There are some companies where the MC  is also the DJ and others where there is a 2 person team.   So how do you know which is best for you?

If you have a coordinator, typically averaging from $900-$2500 for a day of, they can help manage the timing. But if you don’t have one, who is going to let the staff know when to pour champagne for the toast, prep the cake , notify the photographer about a special dance?

Having just a DJ alone without any Mic skills or formal training can really hurt the flow of our wedding.  If you have a large wedding party and require lots of direction, a DJ who is also an MC could most likely handle the tasks but also find themselves running back and forth between music sets.  With a 2 person team, the DJ can focus only on the music to rock your party and the MC can help manage all the other formalities.  It’s almost like having a coordinator their at the event.  Don’t get me wrong, We love working with coordinators, they will also help set up the reception and help guide with the ceremony and many other duties.  If you would like a list of some of my favorites, you can email me at [email protected]

So if you thought playing music was the only thing a DJ does, Look at what I do BEHIND THE SCENES to ensure your wedding day goes of flawless.


  • Compare notes with catering manager/wedding coordinator:
  •  Review agenda
  •  Find, test and adjust lighting controls
  •  Verify reserved sign on family table
  •  Check cake table for : utensils, plate, napkins
  •  Check head table for toasting glasses
  •  Verify wedding party seating arrangements
  •  Clarify grand entrance path to head table
  •  Perform a thorough sound check
  •  Check with banquet captain that meals are ready to be served


  • Discuss grand entrance and toast with photographer/videographer
  • Confirm with those doing additional toasts/blessings
  • Brief those toasting on microphone technique
  • Announce for remaining guests to be seated for the grand entrance
  • Alert catering staff to pour for the toast
  • Verify that the toast has been poured at head table
  • Cue up grand entrance song
  • Discuss the following grand entrance details with the wedding party:
  • Line up wedding party for grand entrance
  • Confirm toast with best man and maid of honor
  • Brief best man and maid of honor on microphone technique
  • Where will they walk and stand
  • Seating arrangement and when to sit
  • Guide bride to hand of her bouquet
  • Clarify agenda for the remainder of the reception


  • Discuss Agenda for reception with additional vendors
  • Announce buffet guidelines
  • Announce any games or activities
  • Cue up centerpiece giveaway song
  • Release guests to buffet line
  • Discuss following details with bride and groom
  • Does the bride have a garter on already
  • Does the bride have her purse for honeymoon dance
  • Timing for the father/daughter dance
  • Timing for the mother/son dance


  • Cue up first dance
  • Announce first dance will be happening soon
  • Give catering staff an estimated time for cake cutting
  • Alert parents about upcoming special dances
  • Alert wedding party for upcoming dances/toasts
  • Cue up father/daughter dance


  • Coordinate with photographer and videographer timing and entrance
  • Introduction of master of ceremonies
  • Announce for the wedding party entrance
  • Cue up background for the meal


  • Alert photographer for cake cutting and bouquet and garter toss
  • Notify bride and groom of upcoming specialty dances
  • Alert maid of honor to have bouquet ready and money bag
  • Discuss with catering manager about cake cutting
  • Prep best man and maid of honor for money dance
  • Prep photographer about location for group photo


  • Discuss exit and timing with coordinator and photographer
  • Prep bride and groom for grand exit
  • Coordinate with venue with location for sparkler exit
  • Finalize best shot for exit with photographer
  • Make additional announcements for parking with guests
  • Let guests know how the night will end
  • Turn up venue lighting
  • Break down equipment
  • Do a final sweep of venue for lights and cords
  • Clean-up work area

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