Don’t cut corners, hiring a wedding DJ will energize your reception!

You’ve already spent money on invitations, decorations, the wedding cake, catering services, a videographer, and flowers.  But now your friends are suggesting that you also spring for a live DJ, adding yet another expense to the mix.

Should you go for it … or save yourself a few bucks and just have programmed music? The choice is ultimately up to you. But here are some compelling reasons when hiring a wedding dj:

Music selection: A good wedding DJ can read the crowd and provide a unique mix of music that works for everyone – from the newly married couple and their friends to the parents, the parents’ friends and grandparents. And the tunes could be all over the map, ranging from rap, hip hop and grunge, to R&B, classic rock and big band music. Hey, you gotta’ play something for grandpa!

Equipment: A good DJ comes prepared with professional sound equipment that can cover any room, plus lighting to make your event more exciting. not to mention a backup system. Yes, it can happen, but don’t let the party come to a screeching halt because of it. Also, have you ever been to a wedding where the sound was horrible, or the speakers were crackling?

Convenience and peace of mind: Having a wedding DJ who can also act as your Master of ceremonies to ensure you have smooth transitions and a timeline that flows can really make a differenchiring a DJe during the night.  But you can also have a great wedding planner who will assist with gathering the wedding party and ensuring everything is going as planned.

Audience interaction: This, more than anything else, can turn your reception into an event everyone will remember. A good DJ/MC knows how to work with the crowd and get everyone out on the dance floor. And think about it – after the food’s been eaten and wedding toasts are made … what else is there?

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