Indian wedding event at the Hilton Universal City.20180528_000805

We had the pleasure of providing the music, dance lighting and sound support for Karthika and Siv’s Wedding which took place at the Hilton Universal City, with a guest count of 450.


The guests arrived at 5pm and enjoyed plenty of food outside the reception hall, while inside the staff was preparing the tables and decor for a fabulous party.

We introduced members of the wedding party onto the dance floor and then shared Siv’s and Karthika’s love story of how they met prior to being introduced into the room to the Back to the future theme, as Siv is a huge fan, (like me).

The Wedding party and several friends then came out to perform special dance routines for the couple with a variety of music styles.

We then opened up the dance floor to all the guests prior to the dinner buffet being served.

After several photos and Siv’s dance with his mom, we once again, turned down the light and kept the party going till midnight.

We had met with Siv and Karthika several times prior to their wedding to discuss the music and the timing of everything.  Music was important to them as their families are from South India, they wanted to have a mix variety to cater to the many guests who would be attending. We played a variety of music consisting of Tamil, Punjabi, Hindi, with a mix of hip hop, R&B and traditional wedding classics.

If you are planning an Indian wedding and looking for a specific style of music or decor, be sure to contact us or check our availability online.   818.533.8863