The date’s set and the invitations have been sent out.

Now you’re planning the wedding and the reception that will follow. The ceremony itself is pretty cut and dried – not too much can go wrong there. But the reception? That’s a different story. This is the time when your guests can cut loose and have fun, and you want the proceedings to be as lively — and memorable — as possible. So where do you start?

Here are some tips that will get you on track:

Think about your guests: You want to make them as comfortable as possible, so make sure there’s plenty of seating and easy parking. You don’t want them schlepping across a cornfield or construction site to get there!

Focus on food and drink: Believe it or not, people are going to remember what you serve, so don’t cheap out and buy your main dish at 7-Eleven. Many guests will be hungry after making the trek to the wedding, so serve something nice. And have plenty of beverages on hand – both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Give them time: Make sure your schedule for the day has some built-in “buffer time” so there’s time for conversation and relaxed fun. No one wants to feel they’re being rushed, so don’t create a schedule of events that is so rigid it almost becomes a drill.

Newhall mansion wedding DjHire a good DJ: A good DJ can lift a party up, so hire someone who is reputable. You want a DJ who arrives armed with a broad mix of music and interacts with the wedding couple and guests. At Silvertunes Entertainment, we bring the party! And we provide music that will keep everyone on the dance floor, whether they’re 3 years old … or 90!

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