What is the difference between an outdoor wedding and indoor wedding in California

I recently experienced two different weddings back to back, One of the weddings took place in a beautiful backyard with plenty of space, the ceremony and dinner reception were outside.  The indoor wedding venue took place inside a large airplane hanger.

outdoor weddingWe experienced to completely different results. The outside wedding reception on a hot sunny day required guests to find and stay in the shade, as it cooled down, it became a beautiful night and there was plenty of space to be in various parts of the property, not keeping all the guests in one area.  When it came to making announcements and getting everyone together, it was a bit more difficult.

The following wedding where all guests were located in one specific area, the sound and the energy was completely different.  Not only where we able to control where all the guests were, but when it came to dancing, everyone was together. The bar was also located in the same room which can have a huge impact.indoor wedding

When considering a location space for your wedding, think about where your guests may wonder off too or whether having them all in the same space will create a better outcome and what you had in mind for your wedding.