Are you including your pets at your wedding?

Having your pets included in your wedding can be very cute and personal. Many couples have pets at home. They are part of the family and may participate in your ceremony and \ or reception.  How would you like them to make an entrance, or walk down the aisle

There are plenty of options.

 wedding pets

  1. Walk down the aisle
  2. Bring the wedding ring
  3. Pull a wagon with the ring bearer
  4. Fetch the bouquet
  5. Share the ring pillow at the front
  6. Have your bird friend whistle a song

Who will take care of your best friend after the ceremony, while you are at the reception, or gone on your honeymoon?

Timing can also be a factor, make sure the pet is ready to go on cue, whether you have trained them or have a friend walking them down. Also make sure they have gone potty before they are sitting next to you during the ceremony, nobody likes a smelly ceremony.

Happy Planning.