Will your next event have the Photo booth vs the DJ, battling it out for guests to participate?

Photo booths have been the latest craze at weddings and private events for many years now and they don’t seem to be slowing down.  Are you planning on having a photo booth at your next event?  With all the fun props and the new technology such as green screen backgrounds to instant social media posts, it’s no wonder guests are having a blast when using a photo booth.  So why DJ vs Photo booth, I’m sure if you were to survey 100 Djs about their thoughts on a photo booth at an event at least 70% who say they find them to be a distraction and take away from the dance floor and energy which they have been hired to provide, and the truth is they can be unless you consider the following conditions that can be successful for both vendors.  Here is a list of ideas to consider once you hire the photo booth.

1- Timing- how many hours do you need the photo booth for? If you are having a cocktail hDj vs photoboothour before the event, this would be a good time to start the photo booth as guests enter into the room.  But if you want your guests to be dancing at the end of the night consider stopping the booth at least 1 hour prior so the focus is only on the dance floor.

2- Space- Most Photo booth vendors require at least a 10×10 space for their booth and a props table, does your location provide you with that.

3- Location Location Location- One of the many complaints you will hear from a DJ is when the photo booth is located outside of the main reception room, this is a definite way to lose many of your guests and not be engaged with what is happening, consider the toast, the Dj will have to step outside the room and invite the guests waiting in line to take their seats as opposed to it all being in one area. (probably the biggest consideration for a successful night)

4- Will the Photo booth vendor coordinate with the DJ, I have experienced several rude and obnoxious photo booth attendants who don’t care that a toast is coming up or the first dance and keep the booth open, a good attendant will work hand in hand with coordinators and DJs to hold off on taking photos while something special is happening.

When looking for a good value in a photo booth company, ask who will be attending the booth and are they flexible on timing.  What props do they have or can provide that may be unique to your event.

One of my favorite photo booth companies I enjoy working with who create those moments and are friendly and have all the bells and whistles is Peter Martinez with Photo Touch Booth  Give him a call at (818) 634-7822 to see what other great services he can provide for you.