Will you have a toastmasters MC at your wedding?   What does that mean?  When it comes to being a professional speaker or a Master of ceremonies, being able to stand up in front of a room filled with strangers can be nerve racking, after all, the number one fear is public speaking.

It is my service and in my job description as an MC to have expression, vocal variety, enthusiasm, tone and clarity when it comes to your wedding day, from the moment I stand up and introduce myself to your guests,  to the introduction of the wedding party, My goal is for your guests to feel the excitement in the room as what is about to happen.

Being a member of toastmasters international and also currently enrolled in Improv, I am constantly fine tuning my skill set for me as a wedding MC to provide the best possible service to my clients as I am a direct representation of you on your wedding day.  Below is a link to a recent speech I gave at a toastmasters contest, its about 6 minutes long, I have posted not to toot my own horn but for you to see what being a polished speaker will sound like at your event compared to someone who may use a lot of filler words, such as ums, so, you know etc….

When meeting with a potential MC for your event, ask what it could possibly sound like as you introduce the bride and groom into the room to get an idea of their energy and vocal performance.

To view my main speech, fast forward to 2:31:34    To view my improv speech ( I did not prepare) go to 37:00 mark.