Top 5 secrets to getting your guests to dance every time.

So, you want your guests to dance at your wedding?  You have invited your friends and family to your once in a lifetime event and wonder what if no one wants to dance?  Arewedding dance floor your fiance’s side of the family shy and your side the party animals?

Don’t get me wrong, you can never guarantee 100% of your guests will dance, some of them just may hate it, while others enjoy sitting watching other dance.

Let’s take a look at some great tips to consider how you can ensure your party will be a rager and your guests will leave with tired feet.



Ok, this may sound a little bias, but have you ever been to an event where you just weren’t feeling the music?  Having a good DJ can seriously make your break your event.  a couple of things to consider:  Are they good at mixing the same beats, Are they able to read your crowd and respond to their musical tastes, Do they take requests? Consider that you must have a good variety of music for all age groups.


This has seriously been one of the best ways to get your guests up off their feet.  Simply ask your MC to announce when its time to dance, that the song is a dedication from you and your spouse to all the guests sharing your special day.  everyone loves a good slow song right after a heavy meal and besides, who wouldn’t feel obligated to come out to a song that is dedicated to them by you.


So you like to have a few cocktails on your wedding day, you should, however, if you are never on the dance floor or simply don’t like to dance, this may be one of those days I will tell you to suck it up.  I have seen it too many times where the bride and groom are hanging out at the bar all night and guess where a majority of their college drinking buddies are as well.  It never hurts to shake it a little and ask your guests to come to join you.


I know what you’re going to say, Heck no, too cheesy. it doesn’t have to be if you have hired the right MC to get your guests excited and generate energy in the room to invite them to the dance floor. believe it or not, I have never been to a wedding yet, where after a few cocktails your guest’s arent filling the dance floor with the wobble or the cha-cha slide.  Ask your MC what their style is to when it comes to interacting with your guests.


Every wedding is different, you have invited several of your friends, your parents have invited their friends, even though can’t please everyone, hearing a song you love will always get you out on the dance floor, especially those songs that have a story behind them.  Providing your DJ with a song request list is a great way to jump-start the party.  The worst thing you can do is not allow your DJ to have creative input to the music. giving around 15-20 songs for them to play during the night will not only give them an idea of your taste but also ensures that you will enjoy the music also.

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