Are you having a buffet line at your wedding?  There are some do’s and don’t that will determine whether it is the right choice.  one factor can be price, this obviously depends where you are having your wedding reception, but think about this, if you are having a plated meal, you will provide the venue with an exact head count and just order that many plates. If you are having a Buffet, your guests may want to go up for seconds or load up their plate the first time around, so in essence you are having to pay for extra food to begin with. So here are some wedding buffet ideas to help you decide on whether a Buffet is a good fit at your wedding reception.

wedding buffet ideas

1. Budget- Do you feel your guests will eat enough o go up for seconds, or is the meal plan simple enough to have it served.

2. Invitations- Do you want to wait for your guests to reply whether they are having chicken or steak from the invitation, or just have a variety for them to eat at the buffet.

3. Is it single sided or double sided- this can be a factor if you have a large guest count and you only have a one sided buffet, think about how long it could take all the guests to get their meal before you want to move onto some dancing and special formalities, ie.. First dance, Father and Daughter Dance. Your goal is to keep the line moving.

4. Do you want you and your spouse to walk through the buffet line or be served your meal, If if its a buffet you can ask the catering capt to be sure to make up a plate for you both.

5. Have a fun way to invite your guests to the buffet, from wedding couple trivia to themed tables, talk with your MC to come up with some fun ways to keep the guests entertained as they wait to eat.