I recently took my family to universal and went on the Tram ride and it sucked.

A month before, we went on the tram ride and it was my favorite ride, amazing and fun. So how could two rides that do the exact same thing, take you on the exact same route have a completely different experience and outcome? If you haven’t already guessed it by now, yup, it was the tour guide. The Host, the Conductor the person responsible for taking us on a fun journey, the individual who was hired to entertain us and explain where we were going and what was about to happen.

As you know, theme parks are not cheap and neither is your wedding, you may have booked the perfect venue, hired the best photographer, purchased gorgeous flowers and hired a good DJ, but if you don’t have the right MC, (Master of Ceremonies) the one person responsible to guide your guests through your incredible night with purpose, passion and enthusiasm, your wedding WILL fall flat. Like the tram ride, everything else was already in place, played out and done in a certain way, but without the personality behind the tour, it felt really boring. Our first tour guide we experienced was funny, enthusiastic and you could tell loved what he did and it showed. I’m sure he had done that ride several times a day but you could tell he enjoyed it. The second tour guide, felt they were going of a script that had been readt a thousand times, no expression, excitement or energy. You don’t want to hire someone who is just going through the motions to get paid and wants to get your wedding over with do you? My advice would be when hiring your DJ entertainment, ask if the DJ is also the MC and get a feel for their personality because I can guarantee you that even if the music is great your guests will definitely notice a boring MC. Check to see if we still have your date available and find out what DJ/MC we have that will match your personality and provide you and your guests an amazing wedding experience.