What does a Wedding DJ do?

Wedding DJs sometimes get a bad rap known to “just play music” but it’s actually more complex than that. If you just want someone to get the dance floor packed without saying anything on your wedding day, you have to consider who is going to introduce your wedding party, help with the planning process if you are not hiring a wedding coordinator to notify the other wedding vendors of what is coming up next or let your guests know where to go for cocktail hour.

wedding Dj doWhen it comes to hiring your DJ If they also act as your Master of Ceremonies there will be preparation time involved with the planning of the timeline, prepping a song list, and ensuring everyone are where they need to be from the wedding party introductions to the wedding venue and the banquet captain serving the champagne at the right time.

Wedding entertainment is more than just the music on your special day, it’s creating a fun flow of energy for your wedding reception and engaging with your guests and the vendors to ensure your special event and musical taste is everything you had hoped for. looking for a fun playlist, check out this fun list.

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