When it comes to inviting older guests to your wedding, and you would like to avoid your older guests leaving early, you may want to consider the overall experience that they will have on your wedding day. Figure out in your planning what the outcome is you want to achieve at your reception. Is it going to be a small intimate affair where you would like your guests to sit and relax, or are you wanting a club-style dance party? Here are some simple steps to keeping your older guests hanging out a little longer throughout the night.

  1. Seems pretty obvious, but having your grandparents right next to the speakers can not only harm their hearing but when it comes down to dancing, it’s a sure fire way to get them to leave.


  2. Place them toward the back of the room, I know its sounds similar to step # 1, but when you have all your tables scattered around the reception hall, consider having a smaller speaker in order for the to hear the toasts and any announcements.


  3. Don’t have your DJ ignore their music. Most older couples enjoy some of the classics and also playing a few slower songs that they may have grown up listening too will also allow them to participate.


  4. Don’t cut the cake so early in the night, most couples feel that after the cake has been cut and their dessert is over, and its time to leave. ( I know this may vary between east coast and west coast events.)


  5. Let them know that something special is going to happen towards the end of the night, ie…an anniversary dance or a really fun exit that you would like them to be apart of.


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