Personalized Wedding Tables

Personalize your wedding tables to connect with your guests

Wedding tables can be more than just flowers. Tell your guests something about you and your spouse, there are many fun ideas to share with your guests a story about you or something that is important to you both. You can either create table names , photos or fun numbers that have significance, they don’t always have to be in numerical order. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Table Nphoto-centerpieces-non-floral-centerpiecesames

  • Places visited while dating
  • Places to visit during honeymoon
  • Popular honeymoon destinations
  • Famous married couples 
  • Sporting teams
  • Favorite songs, album covers, artists
  • Movies, actors, stars
  • City, State, Country name guests traveled from
  • Romantic words – Love, Joy, Cherish, Serenity 

Assigning seats, reserving tables, or not, you can still name the tables. Guests will then have a sense of belonging, a better connection with everyone at their table, and an improved party spirit that will set the stage for a fun Wedding.

 Photoshop Tip

Place your faces into pictures of famous places you would like to visit. As if you had been there. Hawaii, Paris, Hollywood, London etc.

 Significant Numbers

Ask guests to guess the significance of the numbers on the their table.

  • 452=Number days you dated before the proposal
  • 2=Number of dates before your first kiss
  • 6=Number of pets
  • 2381=Birth date

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Wedding Castaways Burbank

We had fun celebrating Dean and Marcela’s Wedding at Castaways Restaurant in Burbank.

The weather was perfect outside in the courtyard for the ceremony.  With a intimate number of guests, approx 50, We made our way into the Laguna Room for the buffet Lunch which was spectacular and Dancing.

After the grand entrance, Dean and Marcela enjoyed their first dance as husband and wife. followed by the lunch buffet, We had the toasts and allowed the guests to also say a few words.

Cupcakes followed for dessert and dancing continued till we ended at 4pm.  We played some Bolivian music for marcela’s family and fun latin hits as well as a mix of 50’s and 60’s music.

Everyone had a fun time and stayed till the very end.  Cupcakes were provided by Doris Mishaelain 310-800-3157

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Outside Wedding vs Inside Wedding

What is the difference between an outdoor wedding and indoor wedding in California

I recently experienced two different weddings back to back, One of the weddings took place in a beautiful backyard with plenty of space, the ceremony and dinner reception were outside.  The indoor wedding venue took place inside a large airplane hanger.

outdoor weddingWe experienced to completely different results. The outside wedding reception on a hot sunny day required guests to find and stay in the shade, as it cooled down, it became a beautiful night and there was plenty of space to be in various parts of the property, not keeping all the guests in one area.  When it came to making announcements and getting everyone together, it was a bit more difficult.

The following wedding where all guests were located in one specific area, the sound and the energy was completely different.  Not only where we able to control where all the guests were, but when it came to dancing, everyone was together. The bar was also located in the same room which can have a huge impact.indoor wedding

When considering a location space for your wedding, think about where your guests may wonder off too or whether having them all in the same space will create a better outcome and what you had in mind for your wedding.

Coordinator vs Event Manager

Is the sales manager the same as your coordinator?

have you hired a wedding coordinator? Many couples will select a venue that has the sales manager, who is going to secure their event date and make sure the right amount of staff is hired for the day. But will they also help coordinate the event?wedding coordinator

This has been a misconception for most brides, even if the the sales manager is around, they are there typically showing prospective clients the layout of the venue.  sometimes they may stick around until the ceremony but then what? who takes over?

The banquet captain is going to facilitate the food and beverage service and if you don’t have a coordinator then the DJ/MC will most likely be responsible for the flow of your event.

Whether you hire a full service coordinator who will help you starting from scratch, finding a venue, securing vendors, managing insurance, payments decor, just to name a few items you can always hire a DAY OF COORDINATOR.   another misconception is that they are only there on the day of event, NOT TRUE….Most day of coordinators will start the preparation process with you at least 3 months out.   Check out a few of my favorite coordinators I work with that will help guide you as to what style of service they offer and packages.

Events by Holly Gray          Ask for Holly

Intimate Gatherings           Ask for Koryn

Tonight’s Gonna be a Good Night    Ask for Deborah

I recently DJ’d a wedding where the couple had hired an outside coordinator, She was pretty consistent throughout the night until it came to the toasts.  She came up to me and asked me to announce for everyone to take their seats as we are ready to begin the toasts, I looked out and said to her “shouldn’t there be champagne in the glasses before I make that announcement”  sometimes it can be those little things, or was it?  having an experienced coordinator that works well with other vendors is always a good formula for success.

Wedding DJ with British Accent

I am a Wedding DJ originally from England and Yes I am losing my British Accent, How Sad.

Does having a wedding DJ with a British accent really matter? So my family and I came over on the Mayflower back in 1981, when I was a young lad at the age of 9.  I remember my dad telling us on the plane that we will need to learn some american words, such as sneakers as opposed to plimsolls, or that lemonade was called 7-up.

There was a time when everyone would ask me to say something, just to hear my accent, it almost got to be to much at one point, but i guess i can say it was also flattering.

GrowBritish Wedding DJing up in San Diego and starting my DJ company back in 1994, I really had a niche that was different and separated me from a lot of the other companies out there, but having the accent was always a plus, who doesn’t like to hear a British accent, as long as they can understand you.

So fast forward 22 years, having been a wedding DJ for that long has taught me one thing and that is whether you are British or American, my clients really love accents.  several have relatives at their events that are just visiting and seriously put me to shame, but thank god, they can still hear parts of my accent.  One of my strongest abilities at an event is my Master of ceremonies skills that I have taken so long to master and still today continue to learn whether its being in Toastmasters or improv classes, I am always striving for new and innovative ways to create an experience over the microphone for my clients.

What comes out of the mouth of your MC, whether they have a cute accent or not is still important to most clients because we are a direct representation of you at your wedding.

I always joke that my accent is fading fast, but I really hope that it stays with me as long as I am performing weddings and other celebrations.

Here is a video of me making fun of my accent.  enjoy.



Giracci Vineyards and Farms Wedding

Giracci Vineyards and Farms Wedding reception in Silverado, California.

We had a spectacular evening celebration with Molly and Patrick for their wedding at Giracci Vineyards.  From a high energy grand entrance to sharing the special moments on the dance floor with their parents. The night was filled will great speeches and lots of dancing for all their guests.


Guests showed up late to wedding

Have you had restless nights thinking that your guests showed up late to your wedding?  When it comes to planning your wedding there are several factors to consider to ensure that your guests arrive on time and don’t walk in during the middle of the ceremony.

When we sit down with our couples to discuss the timeline of events and what time the ceremony is starting, most couples assume that the time on their invitation is also the time that the ceremony actually begins.   That moment that you begin the seating of the mothers, or the officiant walks up to the microphone.  If you say your event starts at 5pm, will that mean that your guests are then going to show up at 4:30pm, which means your DJ, or live musicians should then start 30 minutes prior to your contracted time with them, if you are paying for 5 hrs of time, then will 30 minutes come off the back end of the event?

It sounds very confusing and is there the right answer?  The best advice I heard from Marlene Widawer with who knows first hand about timing, suggests to include the following on your invitation “Ceremony will begin promptly at 5:30pm”  this should give a good signal to the guests that they will have to account for the following:

1-Travel time

2-Traffic in the area (get the Waze App on your phone if possible)

3-What is the parking situation

4-How far of a walk from your car to the ceremony location

5-Where to drop of the gift prior to sitting down

6-Weather conditions- do you need a Jacket or an umbrella

7-how easy is your seat access (avoid walking in front of photographer)

8-just as a bonus ( don’t forget to silence your cell phone)

Always keep in mind the weather if you are planning an outside wedding, if its going to be hot, check out the location at the same time you plan to have the ceremony to ensure the sun is not beating down on your guests. will your venue provide a water dispenser, or provide fans.

Always have a plan B, if you are checking the weather, and there is a slight chance of rain, let your vendors, especially the ones with electrical equipment have the option of being placed under a canopy or umbrella.

Glen Tavern Wedding Santa Paula DJ

The Glen Tavern Inn located in Santa Paula is a fun venue for an outside wedding reception.

Andrew Glen Tavern Ceremony Santa Paulaand Sydney’s wedding was a blast as they celebrated their wedding day at the Glen Tavern hotel located in Santa Paula. The Ceremony had a great space for all the guests and a nice breeze.  Something that was unique about this wedding was the guest were first invited for cocktail hour at 5:30 pm and then the ceremony was called for 6:30 pm which gave everyone time to have a drink and get settled.

We had a fun introduction with some mini bio’s about the wedding party and went straight into the blessing and the Buffet in which the guests had to answer trivia questions best Wedding Dj Santa paulaabout Sydney and Andrew in order to eat.  After we had the toasts, we invited them onto the dance floor for the first dance and went into the dancing portion of the evening.  The backdrop of the hotel has some great lighting, we also included uplights around the bushes to add a little more decor as the night fell upon us.   Everybody seem to have a blast as we played a variety of music for the intimate # of guests, approx 65 were there to celebrate with Sydney and Andrew.


The Glen Tavern Inn website   for your next weeding off the 126 is great for a guest count of approx 100 and depending on weather conditions can make for a really fun wedding or special occasion, not to mention you can also book some rooms for your guests they want to stay and celebrate. the music does have to be off by 10:00 pm for noise ordinance.

Newhall Mansion Wedding DJ Piru

The Newhall Mansion in Piru is an amazing venue when planning your next wedding.

I recently worked another wedding at Newhall mansion and I must say, it’s one of my favorite outdoor venues in the Santa Clarita area, just about 10 miles west of Santa Clarita to be exact.


Newhall Mansion ceremony

The Wedding ceremony space is just off the side of the house with plenty of space to accommodate your guests.  there are several ways to set up the ceremony from having it under a tree to facing the mansion.  depending on the time of year, especially during the summer, if you were to start the ceremony about 5:00 pm you would have enough shade from the trees to avoid the sun beaming on your guests.


My favorite part of the reception area is that there is plenty of space for your guests to enjoy, Newhall mansion wedding Djwhether its hanging out at the Bar gazebo or relaxing by the pool area. Most weddings will have the Buffet located inside the mansion which also provides a kitchen for the staff.  There is plenty of lighting form the market lights to the house lighting, but having uplights located around the venue can add that special touch to the atmosphere.




We had the pleasure of working with a terrific staff and vendors for the evening:

Wedding Coordinator:  Tricia Dahlgren Events  [email protected]

NewHall Mansion contact:  Adam Brooks  [email protected]

Video: Matrimony Films  [email protected]

Photography:  Krista Ashley Photography   [email protected]

Officiant:  Ken Kraft   [email protected]

Flowers: Joji Rose   [email protected]