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Hiring the right wedding DJ

Don’t cut corners, hiring a wedding DJ will energize your reception! You’ve already spent money on invitations, decorations, the wedding cake, catering services, a videographer, and flowers.  But now your friends are suggesting that you also spring for a live DJ, adding yet another expense to the mix. Should you go for it … or save yourself a few bucks [...]

Best Man Wedding Toast Tips

Don’t ruin the wedding reception with a bad toast! Everyone’s gathered at the wedding reception. Music’s playing, caterers are running around and guests are eating and chatting away, when suddenly glasses begin clinking and the room falls silent so the best man can make a toast. At this point, things can either go well or quickly head south if the [...]

Don’t let “last call” sabotage your wedding reception!

Last call for alcohol! That announcement is often heard at sports bars and other late-night venues when closing time is approaching. And it’s given for good reason, as some customers will have definitely have overshot their drink limit by that time. Let’s face it - no one wants these people out on the road when they’ve got that much alcohol [...]

Make your wedding reception a success!

The date’s set and the invitations have been sent out. Now you’re planning the wedding and the reception that will follow. The ceremony itself is pretty cut and dried - not too much can go wrong there. But the reception? That’s a different story. This is the time when your guests can cut loose and have fun, and you want [...]

Did you hire the right entertainment?

Want to bring your party to a grinding halt? Hire the wrong wedding DJ and that’s exactly what will happen. Think about it: The wedding party is out on the dance floor moving to … well, maybe something by Madonna or James Brown, when suddenly the music segues into a weird grunge rock song no one’s heard of. To make [...]

Top 5 secrets to getting your guests to dance.

Top 5 secrets to getting your guests to dance every time. So, you want your guests to dance at your wedding?  You have invited your friends and family to your once in a lifetime event and wonder what if no one wants to dance?  Are your fiance's side of the family shy and your side the party animals? Don't get [...]

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